From 2015-2017 I worked as a Research Assistant on various projects with the Community University Engagement Office at the University of Victoria (formerly The Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community. Working with Dr. Crystal Tremblay (see ), part of this work included conducting background research and proposal writing for a project to measure the impact of community university engagement at the University of Victoria—including how the term "impact" is being used in the context of university work and in what capacity community alliances are creating positive change. I also participated in trial focus workshops and created a series of draft examples of possible frameworks that could be used for measuring the impact of projects that incorporate a high level of community university engagement in Canada and how this work can impact the community, university, and other stakeholders. Additionally I worked on a joint article highlighting CUE research alliances conducted through the CUE office to be published in the  Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research  
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